Testing Login based Web Application using Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter allows you to test the web application based on HTTP URL, but in case of session/cookie based web application we need to maintain the cookie/session across all the request send for load testing. If you are still don’t know how to perform basic load testing than you should have look at Load Testing with Apache JMeter. In this article we would learn that how we can perform session/cookie based web applications.

HTTP Cookie Manager:
To ensure that cookie/session is maintained across all request we need to add “HTTP Cookie Manager” as the first element inside Thread Group. After adding HTTP Cookie Manager, Apache JMEter will maintain the cookie received from the server after login request and will send the cookie received across all the request there after. HTTP Cookie Manager can be created using

Thread Group -> Add -> Config Element -> HTTP Config Element

Sometimes cookies does not get send to the server even after the response received has valid cookie, in this case try to change the Cookie Policy inside HTTP Cookie Manager as shown below

Finally your test plan should look like as shown below

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2 Responses to Testing Login based Web Application using Apache JMeter

  1. Elex says:

    It’s not a comment, I am facing a problem, please give me solution.
    When i create login page and pages inside log-in. It does not reach on pages which appeared after log-in. It keeps Jmeter on log-in page.
    I have created cookie manager but I am not able to reach inside pages.
    Please help

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